You will need
  • -antiparasitic shampoo;
  • -antiparasitic ampoules;
  • -antiparasitic collar;
  • -americna water;
  • -grass wormwood or tansy.
The easiest way to get rid of fleas is to wash your pet antiparasitic shampoo. Go to any pet store or veterinary pharmacy, where experts will recommend a shampoo for your puppy. Strictly follow the instructions: soak the time of application of the shampoo, and also make sure that your pet is not managed to lick myself in the process of washing.
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After shampoo can be applied on the withers of the pet with special antiparasitic vial (usually, they provide comprehensive protection not only against fleas but also against ticks). The ampoule should be squeezed out to the withers of the animal so that it didn't have a lick at that place. After this, the drug is absorbed into the top layer of the epidermis and protects your dog from fleas and ticks for that period of time that is specified in the instructions.
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Instead of an ampoule, you can buy your pet antiparasitic collar. It can also have comprehensive protection against fleas and ticks.
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If you live in places where there is no veterinary pharmacies and pet stores, then you can go to a regular pharmacy and buy americow water. Apply it on the hair of the animal, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous. Leave on 7-10 minutes, then comb the pet comb and carefully rinse the hair with water. If the first time failed to destroy all the parasites, then the treatment can be repeated after 24 hours. If there is secondary infection with parasites, then re-apply americow water is recommended after seven days.
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To completely get rid of fleas, you must also handle and housing. To do this, wash the floors with special tools, which you can buy in the drugstore or shop:. After this necessarily wash animal bedding in hot water.
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Put under the bedding of your pet twigs of wormwood or tansy - fleas can't stand the smell of these plants.