You will need
  • Mobile phone;
  • - 3G modem;
  • - Wi-Fi router for USB modem
First try to use the mobile Internet. This is the most simple and sensible solution. If the area where you plan to use the Internet, a good enough signal level, then make a connection via the mobile phone.
If your cell phone is not able to work with 3G or 4G networks, and mobile operators in the region provide an opportunity for the use of this channel, get an USB modem. When connecting this unit to a computer it makes sense to use a USB extension cable. This cable will allow you to have your USB modem in an area of high signal strength.
Configure the parameters of the modem and connect to the Internet. Check the quality of connection and speed of access to the network. If you need to connect several mobile computers on the Internet, use a special Wi-Fi router. In this case, the Internet access of this equipment is carried out via the USB modem.
Configure the parameters of the router and create a wireless access point Wi-Fi. Connect it to your laptop and check the activity of your Internet connection. The use of this router has many advantages. You can set the device in the area of best signal operator. At the same time, your laptops and even desktop computers can be at sufficiently large distance from the router.
Remember that to simultaneously connect several computers to the Internet is better to use a high speed unlimited plan. The Internet channel will be more or less evenly distributed between all connected devices. This means that the access speed of each device will be significantly less than the nominal value specified in the selected tariff.