The wired Internet.
If in your locality there is a connection to cable television, it is necessary to clarify whether parallel providers of cable Internet. The speed and quality of the Internet is quite high, and the prices for services are often acceptable.
Dial-up connection.
Almost any carrier CDMA or GSM provides connection to the Internet, just need to buy a modem. The speed and quality of services are not different from characteristics of the mobile Internet.
Internet via mobile phone.
It requires a phone with support for GPRS or EDG protocols and methods of communication between mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth, USB cable.
Connectivity using a landline phone.
If your house has a landline for you, there are two kinds of Internet connection with its use:
- Using a Dial-Up modem. The cost of this modem is low, however, there are disadvantages is the low speed connections and employment phone when accessing the Internet, the high cost of services.

- ADSL modem. The considerable cost of connection, however, with high-quality data transfer, high speed, phone is not busy.
Satellite connection.
To connect will need to purchase such equipment:
a satellite modem;

- satellite antenna;

- Converter for signal conversion.
The high cost of such equipment, in contrast to the more low-value traffic. The speed of the Internet depends on the provider and the chosen tariff package.
The essence of connection is to install a special antenna connecting with the cable to the radio card on the computer. The equipment will have to spend a considerable amount. Depending on weather conditions can decrease the quality and speed of the Internet.