You will need
  • USB modem 3G or CDMA;
  • - SIM card appropriate agent;
  • - a satellite dish;
  • a satellite receiver;
  • computer.
To have access to the Internet while in the village, you can use the services of mobile operators. To do this, first select the mobile operator that provides access to a 3G network or CDMA. Compare rates and make sure that the map of Internet coverage the company is in your locality.
Usually on the map coverage different colors denote the area of reception of stable and weak signals. Try to choose an Internet provider, which your locality is in the region of strong signal, since a weak connection will often break off.
Purchase a modem and a SIM card connected to the selected tariff. Insert the SIM card into the modem then plug in the USB port of the computer.
When the window appears "found new hardware Wizard", select "install the software Automatically" to have the program itself installed the necessary driver on the computer. Install from disk program the modem and make the necessary settings to connect to the Internet.
If you want to the Internet was available to all residents of the house, get an even and router with support for USB modems. To configure the router first turn off the computer and connect the Internet cable to the LAN input on the rear panel of the device.
Then connect the USB modem to the correct connector on the panel of the router. Turn on the router by connecting the adapter to the first device and then to an electrical outlet. Turn on the computer and wait until the operating system is fully loaded. Then, according to the instructions, configure the router through the specified web service.
If your house is outside the coverage of wireless networks, 3G and CDMA, and you want to have an Internet speed comparable to the speed leased line, connect to satellite Internet.
To do this, install a satellite dish with a diameter of about 90 centimeters by placing it on any of the walls of the building. Then point your antenna to the satellite, attach satellite receiver and configure the computer. If it will cause you difficulties, then this work you can hire a specialist.
After the installation of the necessary equipment and configurations to select a desired rate and connect to the Internet.