Let personal information about yourself. Surname, name, patronymic are written in capital letters and in the nominative case. Enter your date of birth, marital status. Add information to contact you. Giving phone numbers, make notes: work, home or cell. Specify the times when you would prefer to communicate. If you have access to other means of communication – e-mail, ICQ, etc. – include them. This summary section will be called: "Personal data".
Specify as briefly (in 2-3 sentences) and specific information about yourself as the expert. Make sure that the employer reads the paragraph summary, it was clear who he's dealing with. Specify their qualification, teaching experience, academic degree (if any) and so This part of your resume will be called "Qualifications".
Clearly and correctly identify the purpose of the summary, i.e. specify the position for which you are applying. Write not just "teacher" and specify a specific educational area or area of your work. Undesirable expressions like "to interesting, high-paying jobs". Here you can also specify your wishes for the future place of work (full-time, part time, are you ready for the responsibilities of the class teacher, etc.). The item summary will be referred to as: the "Target".
List list of educational institutions, schools, institutes, courses, etc. that you have completed or where they continue to learn. Provide the following information for each school:

- the period when you were trained, to accurately specify the start and end dates of study;
- place of study;
- the specialty that you received for each specific training site.

Name this section of the resume is "Education".
Report in summary about your experience. This paragraph was better to issue a list showing all places of work and positions in chronological order starting from last place. Specify for each workplace the motives of dismissal.
Make the next part of the summary of the "Additional information". Here you can specify the level of computer skills, knowledge of certain computer programs, the degree of development of any teaching methods, etc.
You can add Recommendations if you have any. Specify the surname, name and patronymic of the person who gives you a recommendation, as well as his place of work and contact phone number.