To confirm his post read and sign the submission, which should write the head on you five years after the last attestation. This document should include an assessment of your qualities as a pedagogical worker, the results of your professional activities, information about the results of the previous appraisals. With submission you must be aware two months before the certification.
Submit to the attestation Commission your information on your teaching activities, past appraisals.
For the month prior to the certification, the employer must notify you of the date, place and time of the test.
Certification tests are in written form on issues related to their implementation of pedagogical activities for the position.
For attestation in the first category gather General information about yourself: questionnaires, education documents, information about training, awards, letters, etc.
To certification documents please attach the results of your teaching work: models lessons, lesson plans, teaching materials, lessons, publications.
Attach documents description of creative works of students, scientific-research work of students, the results of competitions, contests, scripts of extracurricular activities.
Invest in the portfolio the results of your creative activity for self-education, results of participation in seminars, competitions, methodological associations, in experimental work, the results of the work on extra-curricular activities.
Gather feedback on the work of the creative team and letters of recommendation, opinions, reviews, summary.
Write a statement in the certification, which specify the form of its passage (full-time, part-time, personal), model qualification tests, select the open event in accordance with the selected model qualification tests (analytical report, OED report, creative report, master-class, research project, self-awareness, an open lesson teaching event). In a statement, also specify teaching experience, awards, titles, academic degree, if any, academic rank. When he received the qualification category, is training, what modern educational technologies and methods have.
Bring the application for consideration by attestation Commission, which must make a decision about passing your certification within one month. The Commission shall establish the time of attestation. But its duration should not exceed more than two months.
If you attentuates on the first qualifying category, you need to own a modern educational technologies and techniques and effectively apply them in their practical professional activities.
To attestate for the highest category, you need to have passed at least two years after the establishment of the first qualifying category.