When independent apartment, the first thing to do is to update the documents on it.

Technical passport of Bureau of technical inventory has a shelf life of 5 years. Therefore, if the period has expired, call a technician from the Bureau of technical inventory, it will produce the required amount of work and you will get new product data.
If you have no documents on the state registration of the rights to the apartment, it must be done, since the bulk of buyers will not dare to buy an apartment without this document. In order to obtain a document refer to the state registration service.

We must not forget to write was all of the apartments sold. Immediately take a certificate that all prescribed.
In case there are more owners, but you need to should be documented consent to the sale of all owners. You need to go along with all the owners to a notary public.
Spend an active company for information about what your apartment for sale. To do this, advertise in the newspaper, on the local point radio and television, post ads in all areas of the city.
When there were buyers, you need to take money from them. Take a Deposit for an apartment, if these buyers will suddenly refuse to purchase, and you will refuse other applicants, we won't be at a loss. Written receipt for the Deposit is given and in case of refusal of purchase will not be refunded. And with your refusal to sell an apartment you reimburse customers twice the amount of the Deposit. All this is done in front of witnesses on the part of the buyer and the seller and at the bottom of receipts signatures of all participants with passport data.
The whole amount for the apartment, it is better to take to the paperwork on the sale. After signing the documents that the apartment sold to the buyer, the money you can not give it, and to legally prove that you didn't get the money, will not succeed.
When buying an apartment, check all the documents to her. You need to carefully read the document on the right to property, and if it says that the owners are other people apart from your salesperson, ask for documents that they agree to sell the apartment, the documents must be notarized.
Be sure to check that from the apartment all written out, and that she is not under bail or arrest.
The most important condition is the correct transfer of funds. The money you need to pass with numerous witnesses. The seller have to write the receipt that he received money for the sale of the apartment in full, to indicate from whom he received the money and when. A receipt signed by at least 3 witnesses and recorded their passport data. If the fact of transfer of money is not made correctly, you will not be able to prove that he gave them in full. Also must be issued a receipt that this apartment is no claim.
Carefully reread the contract of sale.

Check the documents given to you in the public registration center.