When buying apartments in new buildings is important to the company for a long time and stable working in the real estate market, having good reputation and having authority for the sale of new buildings from the government of Moscow. How this or that company is solid, easy to check on the Internet. For example, see her website, client testimonials. With honest company you can sign the contract (for example investment if your future home is just being built).
To buy apartment in the secondary market, ie those apartments, which are already live, is more complicated. Such apartments are best to buy through a well-established company, but not directly by individuals. Usually the deal is this:
1. the buyer chooses an apartment.
2. sign a preliminary contract (contract of Deposit), paid advance payment. The seller necessary to the buyer at the last moment refused the transaction, and the buyer to the seller has not sold the apartment to another person, who offered a large sum for her.
3. prepare documents for the apartment. Performs the seller, and the buyer, it is advisable to check the documents of legal clarity. For this you can contact an independent law firm.
4. the contract of purchase and sale (final).
5. registration of title to an apartment in Federal Registration Service (FRS).
6. the transfer of the apartment by the act of transfer and acceptance.
Almost any of these stages can be difficult. The most important thing when buying housing on the secondary market to know who really is the owner of the apartmentthat you intend to buy, how many of these owners. There were cases when one of the owners of the apartment were serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty and were not even aware that his apartment is long sold, but buyers did not know about. The simplest thing you can do yourself for information about apartment - book an extract from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it (EGRP). It contains the main official information about the apartment (who are the owners, what are the encumbrances, etc.). Real estate company will surely provide you with such a statement, but better to be safe and request her own.
Even if services for the sale of the apartment you has a lot of company, don't hesitate several times to check and recheck all the documents. Especially pay attention to the documents direct sellers - tenants of the apartment. If not entered in their passports minors, which they "accidentally forgot" before the transaction? This is very important, because otherwise the rights of these minors recognize subsequently slighted.
An important step is to directly transfer money for an apartment. For this purpose, you can hire the safe in a reliable Depository Bank, which will provide access to the safe only in the case of state registration of ownership of the apartment.
Don't forget to pay attention to domestic issues. Go (any excuse) to your future neighbours if it could be alcoholics or addicts? Pay attention to communication, parquet. Wary heed to the desire of the former tenants to come to the apartment for my things" - this certainly needs your presence.