For processing the transaction of sale of flats will need to collect a sufficiently large set of documents. Most of them will have to provide the registration body - the Federal Registration Service (FRS), the seller of the apartment. The result of the transaction of purchase and sale of the apartment the buyer gets the certificate on the state registration of the right of ownership of the apartment.
First, the seller and the buyer will have to sign a contract for the sale of the apartment. He shall be in writing (at the request of the parties - notarized), and signed by both parties. The contract should be necessarily specified:
1. parties (in full: passport data of physical persons, the legal form and full name of legal entities, documents confirming their authority for the transaction).
2. subject of the contract (all parameters of the apartment, allowing her to identify the address, number of rooms, area, etc.).
3. the price of the apartment.
4. the list of living individuals and their rights use after acquisition of premises by the buyer or the position of their absence.
The contract also should stipulate that at the time the parties sign the contract it is not registered and does not live. Especially also should pay attention to the seller of minor children registered in the apartment. You need to see to it that they were discharged from her by all the rules.
To provide the fed will need 3 copies of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment.
For processing the transaction at the fed the buyer and the seller should provide the following documents:
1. statement on state registration of rights to residential real estate and transactions with them. The form is issued to the fed or downloaded from the Internet.
2. the contract of purchase and sale flats (3 copies).
3. documents BTI (floor plan and explication of the apartment).
4. documents of title to the apartment (confirming the right of ownership of the seller).
5. extract from the house register.
6. a copy financially-the personal account of the purchased apartments (not always required).
7. during the state of the marriage - a notarized consent of the spouse (spouse) to buy apartments.
8. copies of passports of seller and buyer.
9. the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment.
10. receipt of payment of the state duty (1,000 rubles).
The transaction can be considered fully processed after receiving the certificate of state registration of rights of ownership of the apartment. Registration takes place in the period from one week to one month.