To quickly and expensive to sell an apartment, you need first of all to give her presentation. It is not necessary to make alterations and renovation, it will never pay off. Often enough the cosmetic repairs and General cleaning in the apartment and in the stairwell.
Pay special attention to the front door. This is what your customers will first pay attention. It should be of good quality. If the door is in normal condition, it is enough just to wash. If the condition is not very good, it is better to re-unjam. Wash it or re-abbate. Repair or replace old broken locks.
Perekleit Wallpaper. Let them not be expensive, but new. The color of the Wallpaper should be bright. It will visually increase the space.
Before the coming of potential buyers, you need to make General cleaning in the apartment. Wash bedspreads, curtains. Clean carpets. Peremoyte contaminated surfaces: window, tiles, plumbing. Remove all debris, paying special attention to the balconies and closets.
Well ventilate the apartment and try not to cook on the day of your apartment viewing. If the apartment is bad, which is not removed by ventilation, brew coffee. He will kill the unpleasant smell and focus on business conversation.
Remove the excess sounds. Turn off the radio, TV. Children and animals can send out. Clean well appointed apartment will visually increase in size and this will increase the chance to increase the value of your home.
Having been in the role of a real estate seller, you will be much easier to drop the price of purchased housing for themselves. Please note the seller on such things as the first or last floor, environmentally not very favorable area, noisy neighbors. In General, all the shortcomings that you have tried to eliminate or to obscure themselves by selling their own homes. This way you will be able to, sometimes even essential, to reduce the price, Torgova a certain amount.
The second option is a bargain purchase is a purchase of an apartment from the developer at the construction stage. Before you take this step, it is necessary wswedish, as there is a risk of fraud is an unscrupulous developer.
A third option is to look for an apartment without a broker in personal ads in Newspapers. With the landlord, you can always bargain. But to make the deal, though with the help of a lawyer. It will help though as-that to protect yourself from trouble for the purchase.
The fourth option is to buy a house at auction. Banks typically auction apartments, whose previous owners for some reason are not timely paid the mortgage loans, if any, ceased to pay.
In any case, buying an apartment is always a bigger risk than selling. Therefore, the approach to buy one, you should more carefully. The lawyer is not anything worth saving. Entrust the registration and inspection of all securities professional.