So, for sale apartments need the following documents (the list may vary depending on the specific situation):1. A passport or other document proving the identity of the seller and copies of all pages containing information. If the seller (owner) of the apartment of 14 and 18, together with the passport to show a birth certificate.2. Power of attorney of the seller, if the latter cannot be personally present at the conclusion of the transaction is issued by a notary. 3. Documents of title to the property (the contract of purchase andsale, donation agreement, barter agreement, privatization contract, certificate of inheritance, court decision entered into force) and a certificate of its registration by the registering authority. 4. Technical passport for the apartment (floor plan, explication) is issued by a body of technical inventory (BTI) on average 2 weeks after the submission of documents and has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of issuance. Depending on the situation also for the sale of the apartment can require a cadastral passport, certificate f-7 certificate of estimated cost (not to be confused with the market), etc. And if time is running out and the documents are needed urgently, it will affect the price. Don't forget about the redevelopment – it should be registered in the BTI.5. Extract from the house register (information about registered persons in selling apartment) – valid for one month.6. Certificate of marriage, if the owner sold the apartment to be married. 7. Notarially certified consent of the spouse to sell the apartmentif the seller at the time of purchase were married. This apartment is the joint property and cannot be sold without the consent of the spouse.8. The certificate of dissolution of marriage if the marriage is dissolved.9. The death certificate of the spouse, if the spouse died.10. The resolution of the guardianship, if the owner of the apartment (or co-owner) is a minor. You will also need the written consent of parents, adoptive parents or guardians, if the seller (owner) is a minor aged 14-18 years. If the apartment sells the person limited in capacity, it will need the written consent of the Trustee.11. Receipt for payment of the state fee. 12. Certificate from tax inspection about absence of debts on payment of taxes, if you sell the apartment received as a gift or inherited. 13. The certificate of no debt for utility services - valid for one month.14. Copy of financial-personal account - valid for one month.15. The contract of purchase-sales in triplicate (one transferred to the buyer, the second seller, the third remains in the chamber). 16. The instrument of transfer of residential premises - is the last document signed at closing of the purchase andsale of the apartment. He confirms the transfer of money for the sold apartment and certify that no claims of the parties.It is important to consider the timing and validity of collected documents. Some references are made on request for a long time, and for urgency (if any) will have to pay excess fare. On the other hand, some documents are valid for a relatively short time, and in this case there is a risk not to meet the deadline. If you sold only part of the apartment (share room), you will need additional documents. In addition, the seller should pay attention to the documents of the buyer, especially in cases where the transaction involves underage buyers, or require the consent of the spouse of the buyer for the purchase of the apartment. In turn, the buyer may request additional documents for verification of legal purity apartment. All these details knows a professional realtor. If you decide to save on the services of a mediator and to engage in the sale of the apartment by yourself, be ready that it will take a lot of time.