Experts in the real estate market believe that the market or of interest to potential buyers, trades are made regardless of the time of year and other factors.

Still, seasonal factors make adjustments. The analysis of analysts shows annually in the January holidays and the may holidays, the demand for housing is significantly lower, it indicates that the potential seller if he's in a hurry, can make a significant discount. Accordingly, the purchase becomes more beneficial, therefore, to buy the apartment you need just these days. With the sale of an apartment is better not to hurry.

The surge in buying activity observed from mid-August to late September. During this period, the most profitable to sell the apartment and absolutely unprofitable to buy, as prices steadily increase by 15%.

Autumn the demand for apartments is highest in Metropolitan areas. In the suburbs real estate drops significantly in price, so if the buyer is planning to buy a home 30-50 kilometers from the city, it is better to do it in the fall.

Due to the fall in demand for housing in the city that potential buyers returned from vacation and started pressing problems. The demand increases due to wealthy parents whose children are enrolled in the University. The fall in demand mainly for cheap apartments in residential areas. The maximum demand for one and two-bedroom apartments. On them the price increases by 25%.

Buying activity determine not only seasonal factors but also on political action and even weather conditions. In addition, the important role played by macroeconomic indicators. In regions with politically unstable situation, the demand for housing is low in any time of the year. Respectively, and prices are much lower, so buying an apartment is beneficial regardless of whether it's the autumn, winter, spring or summer. Selling becomes unprofitable and if possible, should wait for a better time.

Heat and cold waves contribute to the activity in the real estate market. Buyers are active only during good weather, so retailers can lower the price of housing, if there is unusual heat or severe frost. The percentage of the cost of one square meter drops slightly. The cheapest housing is the business sector and premium.

Demand for real estate business sector and the premium is reduced before the change of the composition of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and before the election of the President. The prices of housing located in the economy class, the event data is not affected. However, demand and prices can drop significantly if the rate of change of the dollar and the cost of energy. Falling dollar, falling housing prices. To sell the apartment better when the dollar is at its highest. Buy – on the contrary.

The factors affecting demand include interest rates on mortgages. The lower the rate, the higher the demand. Consequently, the purchase becomes less profitable, and selling more profitable.