Sell the car yourself and placing an advertisement in Newspapers, magazines and on the boards of free announcements on the Internet. For this you need to choose a publication and fill in the blank ad. The most popular newspaper "hand in hand" and "Avito". You can also put an ad to sell a broken car at the relevant sites, where there is a Board of free announcements. Enter all the necessary information about the machine and add photos – this will significantly accelerate the sale.
Use the services of a company that reacquires broken cars. These firms carry out preliminary assessment of the vehicle and removing it from the register with the subsequent registration of the contract of sale. You will be given the opportunity of a preliminary assessment of the vehicle via the Internet – you just have to fill out a special form on the company website and upload photos of broken cars. The company's specialists perform the evaluation taking into account all damage to the vehicle. If the offered price suits you, you have only to execute all necessary transaction documents. Thanks to the services of these companies, you do not have to spend funds to repair your car – you will get money and will be able to buy a new car.
If you want to sell a broken car in the shortest possible time, disassemble it for parts. This option is ideal for someone whose machine cannot be repaired after the accident. In this case, the price of a car is determined by the value of the surviving parts that can be sold on the secondary market, or use to repair other broken machines. Be prepared for the fact that you will be offered a price considerably below that which you would like to obtain.