The simplest way is to pass your car almost nothing to the dealers, who can bring it to mind and to sell several times more expensive. In General, you should know that the whole procedure of selling a car begins with removing it from the register. Many experts say that if the car is removed from the records, it is easier to sell, and any difficulties with the paperwork, neither the seller nor the buyer already will not arise.

Another thing is that not everyone wants to bother with this reissue, and taken the car with the accounting requires in the shortest possible time to sell it or put on record. Traffic police usually give about 15-30 days to put on the account in MREO. This time will be enough to sign the papers.

Although, do not forget that the car can be sold a month or two or even longer. This is all due to the fact that people have no money, or maybe you put too high a price. There are times when in the automotive market a car your interested in, but to come up and ask, they don't want, because I see that the price is too high. To correctly set the price, you need to consult with experts who work on car or a HUNDRED. They just need to know the level of prices for all used cars.