In some cases the vehicle is involved in a bad traffic situation that to move already can not in principle. And retire this car in any case, in order to sell it, at least for spare parts. And removed any faulty car from the account only in the traffic police authorities. What is the solution can there be? In principle, it is possible to consider different options.

Transportation car

First of all, comes the idea that you can deliver such a faulty car in the traffic police to the tow truck or on a rope. And really, you can deliver the car and the traffic police pass inspection. Call a tow truck simple and inexpensive, and to deliver cars on a cable and can help you with just a good friend. But there are cases when the machine is so pitiable sight when transporting it. What to do in this case?

The deregistration of the car

If you on hands have all documents confirming that the machine is in the state, when to bring in the traffic police it is impossible, you can go through the procedure of deregistration and without the car. You just need to provide evidence that the accident occurred. It will give you the traffic police and the insurance company. You may also need an expert opinion. All of these documents you will need to gather and provide, but remember that as with all other expertise, they have the Statute of limitations, and you must be on time.

Mediation services

Today there are a lot of various companies, which for the minor charge will take care of the deregistration of your car. But there is a big risk to get to the fraudsters. Make sure that it is turning into a company that has a permit for such activity. The transfer of money shall be signed between the owner of the faulty car and the company. Although you may much easier task. Some companies buy broken machines for parts and then have a completely self-shoot a faulty car from the account in bodies of GAI. Think, perhaps, this decision will be for you really perfect? Losing a small amount, you'll get rid of all future problems with your faulty car, and redesigned the machine for the usual proxy, which the new owner will quickly remove it from the account in bodies of GAI.