If you purchase a car, scrap because of the relative cheapness of such a vehicle, be sure to ask her previous owner a certificate of registration operations, and an extract from the state register. Remember that if you have on hand with no evidence of the released units – registration number, engine and body, remove the car from recycling is almost impossible, and to ride on such a machine, you can only illegally.
To remove the car with the disposal, first and foremost, contact the DMV by writing an application on a special form. This statement must indicate their passport details, reason for disposal, which may be impossible to repair a car after an accident or complete disrepair, due to physical deterioration. Next, attach the acquired from the previous carof the owner of the certificate and the certificate with which the staff MREO once again make a record, put in scrap autoMobil on the account, issuing a new registration number. In this case, prepare the technical passport of the engine and bodywork will remain the same.
In cases where recycling the automobile is its owner, previously sold the car on the General letter of attorney to deliver it the registration of the new owner yourself legal means can not, so be sure to track down the old owner, agree with him about the restoration of the production car on the account, take all of the previously received help and go to MREO. If you are unable to find the owner of the machine that issued the General power of attorney to remove car from disposal will only help the court but often such cases are dealt with at least six months.
Given that recycling of cars in recent years was stimulated by state, with similar problems facing many carlovers. If you can not find the owner who made the car, perform the following steps. First, send a telegram with notification of discovery of your abandoned cars in the ired and its copy – to the chief of police of the district, which must state the request to search for the owner. Second, apply to the court to recognize you as the owner found the car. If within six months, the police Department can track down the carowner, the court will allow you to keep the car and register it on itself, thereby removing the disposal.