Make a business plan and calculate how much money you will need to open the store. The final amount depends on the square of the range needed repair. Make open access to the goods. So, you will make a profit. To avoid theft, a part of the goods trade over the counter. This is especially useful if the store is small.
Join in the search space. This can be either a property or rent. Consider the layout and area you need to have enough space to accommodate the equipment. Well, if there is a separate room in which to conveniently place accountant.
Register at the location of the storeand cash register, simultaneously start to pick up equipment: refrigeration and regular showcases, shelves for goods and refrigerators for beverages and perishables. Outline a plan where you specify what and where to stand.
Determine the potential customer. Browse the stores that sell similar products, watch what I buy most often there. Add to the range some "flavor", which is not the competition: for example, "grilled chicken", "sausage in a natural casing", etc. With time you will understand what the customer needs based on sold. First buy bread, milk, meats, fish, groceries, cigarettes, and then increase the range.
Put the payment terminals payments without a fee, just write in large font near the entrance. People will visit your store more often, consequently, sales will increase. Competently place the goods on the shelves and display cases. Products should be clearly seen, the price tags write clearly, to even buyers with low vision were able to consider them.
Make the markup on the goods, you will adjust it later in or down, depending on demand and competition, from the location of the store. Calculate what the rate of sales per day, average check, etc. So you will be able to determine the income for the day.
Choosing the suppliers, focus the quality of purchased products and price, delivery schedule, possibility of delivery and return of goods. Specify whether you will be able to purchase goods with deferred payment, it can significantly help in the initial phase of business.
Keep records of goods in electronic form, and implement acceptance and release of products by scanning bar codes. It is very convenient, but not always available, so many keep records manually. Pick a skilled salesman with experience, pay attention to courtesy, pleasant appearance, cleanliness, availability of sanitary books.
Decide which tax system you will use. The General or the simplified system with objects. This question should be discussed before registering with the storeand with the accountant.
Get a license if you want to engage in the sale of alcohol with a high alcohol content. Observe sanitary, fire and other legislation, for breach of which you can prosecute.