First we need to determine the size of your store products. You can open a small convenience stall in the yard and a big shop with a large variety and selection of goods. Need to know exactly what it is: a self-service or trade over the counter. Half of the success of open and income of the store depends on where it will be in the store, and the amount of competition. Of course, it is best to open a food store somewhere in a small community where the nearest store is far enough. In this area the best option would be a small shop with quality products. Thus, half of the goods can be sold over the counter, and for everything else to make open access.

To date, the annual margin on the goods averages around 20 %, but it is best to check the prices that competitors offer. You also need to know what products sell shops, and what products is the main focus of attention of buyers. You need to find out who most often visit your grocery store, you just need to look at what is near your store: houses, school or recreation area. For the first time, it is best to have a small assortment of goods, as for a small area of the store profits from too much of the range above will not.

Even if the store is not very big, it is best to hire merchandiser, even for a short time. Through proper arrangement of goods on shelves and display cases of the store's revenue will be much more. Need to purchase quality equipment and to hire specialized workers. All tags and product information should be clearly visible to the buyer. With just any grocery store secured success. You just need to follow all the rules, and it will bring great benefits.