You will need
  • - patch cord;
  • switch.
The main drawback of the described model of the router is the presence of only one LAN channel. If you need to connect your device to multiple computers, purchase a network hub. Select the switch with the non-configurable ports.
Connect the DSL port of the router to the telephone line using the splitter as a coupler. Now, connect the patch cord supplied with the network equipment to the LAN channel.
The second end of the network cable to connect to the desired port of the switch. Connect to a network hub personal computers. It will also need to use network cables with direct crimp connectors.
Connect the router and switch to AC. Turn on both devices and computers. Select the PC from which you will be setting up the router. Run on this computer online UK.
Enter in the url field programs and press Enter. In the displayed login window, type the word admin in the available fields. Click Login.
Open the menu and configure WAN connection to the provider's server. To do this, select the data transmission Protocol PPtP or PPPoE. Enter the data you have provided in the contract for the provision of network access. Don't forget to put a tick next to DSL Auto connect.
Activate the Enable Fullcone NAT. Check the box next to Bridge Frames Between WAN and Local. Click the Next button. In the next menu, enter the value IP address for the router.
Activate the Enable DHCP Server. In the box Start IP Address enter and the End IP Address fill in the numbers the value of Click Next and save the settings. Reboot the router.
In the settings of the network adapters of the computers activate the automatic obtain IP address.