Connect modem with SIM card to computer or laptop. Wait for the computer to find the equipment and the network.
In the menu "start" or "My computer", find "control Panel" and select "add or remove programs". Monk find your modem and click "Remove".
When prompted, confirm removal of the software for the modem, click OK in the query window. A window will appear reflecting the process of removing hardware drivers from the system.
Wait until you have finished removing the modem. Unplug it from the computer until you are sure that the procedure is completed. The operating system will prompt you when this happens. Now you can install the modem again.
To do this, disconnect the modem from the USB port, remove your SIM card and reconnect the device to the computer. It is detected automatically by the system, and begin the process of installing its software. You only need to choose the interface language.
When the system installs all the necessary drivers and applications, it will prompt you that the modem no SIM card. Install it in place and reconnect the modem to the port. In most cases, the problem that required reinstalling the modem will be removed.
If in the process of removing the modem something went wrong – there was a glitch in the system, disconnected the power to the computer, you unplug the modem without waiting for the complete removal, is to resume the procedure will be more difficult. Most likely, label the device in the "add or remove programs" will not be, and the system will not be able to remove the modem automatically. Then you have to remove the remaining hardware components manually.
To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and from the context menu select "Properties". In the window "system Properties" select the "Hardware tab" and click "device Manager".
In the window "device Manager", expand the list of hardware "universal serial bus Controllers USB". From the list, select the item with the name of the controller your modem, for example, Globe Trotter HSxPA. Using the context menu on right click, or use the button on the toolbar will delete the specified device.
Later in the same window, expand "Network adapters" and find your network adapter of your modem. In this example it will be called Globe Trotter HSxPA – Network Interface. Remove it by analogy with the previous step. Click "scan for hardware changes" on the top toolbar.
Check out the listings of bus controllers USB and network adapters. Equipment with the name of your modem, they should not be. If on the desktop or in the system tray left labels modem, disconnect it from the USB port and restart the computer. The system configuration is updated and all references to the modem from it will disappear. You can now install the modem in the usual way.