Heterosexuality and orientation

In the modern world, heterosexuality has additional shades of meaning. First of all, this term refers to attraction to people of the opposite sex (here and further we speak of human beings, while heterosexual orientation is also inherent in many animals). This is an erotic, sexual or even Platonic attraction.

The second point in the interpretation of heterosexuality is the preference to persons of the opposite sex as sexual partners.

It is important to understand that the attraction to persons of the opposite sex and a preference for them as sexual partners do not necessarily coincide.

Only there are three types of sexual orientation. The first of them is heterosexual, it is inherent to most people. The second type of queer, peculiar people, who are attracted to members of their own sex, they form a pair consisting of two women or two men. And the third type is bisexual. For such people equally seem attractive from both genders.

Hetero-orientation and society

Traditional types of society, generally taken to condemn all types of sexual orientation besides heterosexual. The more free a society is, the higher its level of tolerance to any form of sexual addictions, if only they are implemented by mutual consent.

In Russia in 1999 was an Order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation No. 331, according to which heterosexuality is recognized as the norm and any other form of sexual preference disorders.

Studies of heterosexual orientation by scientists

Obvious is the fact that most of the world's population is heterosexual. Richard Kraft-Ebing, who first considered this question from a scientific point of view (this happened in the nineteenth century), suggested that heterosexuality is a natural instinct for living beings as it leads to procreation.

Thanks to the research of Kinsey – American biologist – sexual orientation were divided into the subtypes: behavior, sexuality in General, attraction, and others.

In the past it was believed that only heterosexual orientation is normal, it even had an additional name – natural – but the modern science believes that all three types of orientation are not disabilities for people, they recognize the so-called positive rules. Scientists have focused on trying to understand what exactly causes determined by sexual orientation.