Exhibitionism is one of the forms of deviant behavior, characterized by a desire to show their genitals in the wrong place and situation. Don't confuse sexual disorder with a healthy intimacy between a man and a woman, who can study each other alone and show each other whatever you want. As a rule, the manifestations of exhibitionism are the most common in men for the obvious reason. Surrounding react with fright at the man, showing his genitals. But if it will make the woman, it is only natural that it would provoke sexual desire of man, not fear.

Causes of exhibitionism are the socio-psychological nature. First and foremost, a lack of confidence, fear of communication with the opposite sex. The exhibitionist is, most likely, the person with the unmet need for love and unhappy with myself. The exposure of genitals is for people a way of self-affirmation.

Should we be afraid exhibitionists? In most cases, no. The main goal of the exhibitionist is to inspire fear. Exhibitionism is divided into two types: sadistic and masochistic. In the first case, the patient receives pleasure from the fact that he scares the victim. In the second case, he gets pleasure from their own shame. In any case, the exhibitionist is unlikely to attack the victim. Emotional reactions enough to give him the satisfaction. The easiest way to protect against the exhibitionist is not to ignore him and just walk past. Then he will not get the emotional support and is unlikely to proceed.

Exhibitionism is considered a disease, but its treatment as such does not exist. To eliminate this disease resort to psychotherapy.