Advice 1: Immoral behavior - what is it?

In society quite often you can encounter the immoral behavior of people. Various kinds of curses are heard literally from everywhere. Drinking alcohol in public places, and stay drunk for some individuals is the norm. People deliberately hurt each other, commit crimes, at times, absolutely not thinking about the immorality of their actions.
Immoral behavior - what is it?
Immoral behavior – so beyond morality. It does not meet any generally accepted standards of behavior. Etiquette contrary to any and all moral foundations of human society.


Every nation has its own ideas about morality. In addition, these representations differ not only in large groups (country, nation), but specific communities of people (family, microsocium, work team). All this indicates the relativity of the concepts "moral" and "morality", as well as the fluctuations in gradation of immorality, which is largely a category is immutable, the object of philosophical study.

In the modern world the concept of immorality can be assessed in conjunction with the concepts of legality and illegality. So, if an immoral act not constitute a criminal offense, afford to be outside the framework of moral principles (adopted law) may be fined or forced labor – such an offence is usually called administrative.
Often a cause of immoral behaviour is impunity. Impunity is the consequence of the immaturity of the law or lack of public censure.


Morality is a less capacious concept than morality, so immorality can also be defined in the category of immoral, i.e., in application to specific behavioral patterns. So, speaking about the immorality, dissolute behavior, mean, low, depraved. People leading an immoral life, characterized by immodesty and promiscuity. Immorality manifests itself in conversations on lewd and frivolous themes, mockery, vulgarity, it is often expressed in human behavior towards other members of society, for example, in the form of harassment or bullying.
Immoral person possess such inner qualities as greed, anger, gluttony, envy, their views are inherent in anarchism and demonstrative violation of the rules.

Morality - the concept of socio-cultural, it is given education, and strengthened by imitation of the environment. What was immoral a couple of centuries ago (for example, meet single men and women alone), is now considered a norm of behavior, which means that the General attitudes of the people shape the content of the concept, not Vice versa.

Violation, consciously or unconsciously, moral values, accepted by society at this point in history and there is immorality in its application to the behavior. You should pay attention to the fact that the understanding of moral influences and the category of permissibility. Especially clearly illustrate modern Islamic norms: immoral Muslim women to appear in public unaccompanied by his men, it is immoral to expose the body more than what is permitted, etc. Outside of an Islamic country this behavior is immoral, that talks about the relationship of morality, morality with cultural and religious traditions.

Advice 2: How to understand that the man is cheating

Many women have faced such an unpleasant problem as men cheating. The reasons why a fracture occurs in a relationship can be very different. But the signs of infidelity by a partner are often the same and can be repeated. So, would it be safe to say that the man is cheating on you?
How to understand that the man is cheating
1. Intuition. Considerate woman, sometimes on a subconscious level to notice strange behavior in men. If your inner voice tells you that in the relationship that something was wrong, perhaps we should listen to yourself. But, of course, do not take rash decisions based on intuition alone.

2. Unwanted attention from a partner. The man suddenly began to show more attention in your direction. If usually he was very cautious in financial matters, now gives expensive gifts for no reason. Partner started to do household chores that I didn't want to waste time.

3. Stealth behavior. Most often it is strange phone calls, especially when the man goes into another room to talk, and then explains to you that it was a call from work. You notice the emergence of a new cell phone, another number, and, perhaps, a strange message in social networks.

4. Coldness in communication. If you and I could hold conversations on different abstract themes, now communication is reduced to trite phrases greetings and farewells.

5. Different behavior in bed. The man began behave differently in bed. You notice various techniques that didn't exist before, a number of innovations. The man suddenly became more passionate and sensual.

6. Irritability. Any act or action now cause men irritation. The usual questions he perceives inadequate, it speaks of his inner tension.

7. Changing interests. The man suddenly began suspiciously to carefully monitor their appearance, to buy new expensive clothes, going to the hairdresser, to use various means of hygiene. Changed preferences in music, television programs, movies.

8. The man has accused you of treason. Partner, feeling guilty for his immoral behavior, trying to blame in cheating you. However, his words are not supported by evidence, the man is only trying to project their own behavior on the behavior of their women.

9. Friends notice strange behavior. Family and friends notice a change in your relationship. They want to know if everything was okay and Express their suspicions.

10. The man started to come home late. The constant delays at work or friends become the norm. You call into work and say to you that lover is long gone. Trying to ask who he is, and it turns out that called boyfriend at the time was on a business trip.

11. Stopped the visits. Partner under any pretext trying to leave you home to go to a social event alone. You don't go along to friends.

12. More men caring for themselves. Partner several times during the day, showering every day, shaving carefully, although I did not bother him bristle. Of course, that doesn't always mean cheating, but such extremes are alarming.

All these signs, of course, can not serve as reliable evidence of infidelity. Extremes in behavior are always suspect. However, what to do in a relationship, only you can decide.
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