Get rid of irritants

Excessive sexual desire is usually fueled by imagination. For example, you often meet the person to whom you are drawn, but which you do "shines". Try to reduce these annoyances to a minimum. If you like having a family colleague, it is not engaged in joint projects, and on coffee break it's better to go with someone else. If it is the husband friend or girl best friend, try temporarily less often to see them. Sexual attraction will cease once you cease to constantly "feed".

Wedge wedge

Try, if possible, to have a relationship. If you are attracted to someone unavailable, your own, nice and warm, and most importantly, a real relationship is able to fight this phantom. Favorite closest person next to you, will make you forget about who once was maddening.


The need for sexual contact gives rise to the so-called "free energy", which is popularly called differently, but the way she is often via a bad mood, irritability or even aggression. So, to avoid such negative consequences, do something useful. Grasp serious work projects, start a hobby, start learning a foreign language. One of the best and, at the same time, simple and useful methods of sublimation of sexual energy is going to the gym. Not only will you be able to give it all you got and forget about your desire, but also acquire a great figure.

The more time you will be busy and the more you will captivate your classes, the less will be the strength and capabilities in order to think about sex.


To cope with the need for sex alone, there is nothing wrong. In today's world there are many different "helpers": a variety of sex toys and imitation sexual organs. All this will help to orgasm, even those who has no idea how to pleasure yourself alone.

More chat with friends

Oddly enough, a considerable number of people insatiable need for sex can be explained quite simply: it is the lack of warm friendship. People often need is not sex but mutual understanding and support. Particularly acute is manifested in women. Pay attention to those with whom you have a good talk with a friend, go to the movies with the old company. If you show others attention, they'll tell you the same.

Check with your doctor

If coping with sexual hunger cannot in any way, it may be a sign of disorders in the brain or the endocrine system. It is useful to get checked out by your doctor if you were okay with the exchange of substances.