Availability began to cause satiety. Modern technologies present a huge amount of information, and in particular, adult content. The city hung posters with the girl in a bikini, which they barely cover private parts. Children passing by these posters do not notice the candor of the physical shell model.

The abundance of intimate scenes on the silver screen causes more irritation among viewers than delight. Vapidity, boredom from falling on the heads of the living sex, creates an even more perverted form of it. In an effort to diversify their sexual life, men began to form a more perverted society where there are homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals.

However, such refinements are not something innovative. At the time of the famous German philosopher Ernst Bloch very aptly: "a Well-known new is never really new." On the background of the promiscuity and universal acceptability there was a whole movement that does not completely affect the psychological health of the nation.