The first, and current yogis know enough about human nature and about what you need to do to obtain inner harmony. Since ancient times it was believed that human nature is usually driven by the mind, emotions and livelihoods. So, according to the wisdom of yoga, if you keep all these forces in equal proportions, it is possible to balance these three components and it is easier to manage yourself during meditation. From the start yoga was to achieve spiritual development of human nature, and after many years was proven by the fact that the man who spends his free time with this sport, less sick or not sick at all. Of course, yoga will not cure existing diseases, just launched a mechanism of self-preservation, which initially will help to strengthen the immune system. It has also been proved that certain techniques in yoga can cure people with a heavy history, but it is interesting that such treatment is not amenable to all teachers, but only some.

Scientists have long studied those constantly in yoga, including people with chronic diseases. Scientifically proved that these classes have accelerated the healing process. There is also a specific list of diseases that can not withstand the onslaught of yoga and disappear. These include depression, epileptic seizures, back pain, diabetes, yoga also helps to normalize the functioning of the body during the female menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Yoga does not have any age or physical limitations. For example, people suffering from back problems, some asanas may only be performed by using belts made of cloth or wooden slats, but always under the supervision of the teacher. Doing these exercises fraught with consequences.

It is also proven that regular yoga improves the function of reproduction of the organism, strengthen the back muscles, achieve acceleration of the processes of digestion and metabolism. Meditation and breathing help to cleanse the pathways of the breath and strengthen the nervous and immune systems of the body, with all of this, any load on the heart muscle and the heart is not actually observed. On the contrary, playing this sport contribute to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system of the body, allow you to lose weight, and normalize sugar levels and blood pressure. The body increases its own ability to strength and also increases the immunity of the whole organism.