The state of Goa is washed by the Arabian sea, the open part of the Indian ocean. Goa is the smallest, rich and pure Indian state. This place every year on its beaches and huge number of tourists who love unusual atmosphere of this corner of nature. Because here you can organize a very comfortable stay, which will help to restore energy and mental balance. Every year on the beaches of North and South Goa, going to many of today's youth, who comes from America and Europe. This place gives travelers an unforgettable vacation.
The Arabian sea on the quality and variety of flora and fauna is much inferior to the waters of the red sea and the Mediterranean sea. In the waters of the Arabian sea there are sea snakes and stingrays, however, be aware that they are not dangerous to humans. Most often, they swim away from the shoreline.
In Goa not to find beaches with white sand, because in India debris are quite calm, even indifferent, so often the Indians reproach of impropriety and connivance in terms of cleanliness.
In the Arabian sea water is not blue. As the sea often enough to worry, the water becomes muddy. Tourists do not need to have mask and other items for scuba diving. And all because in Goa it is possible seldom to meet the necessary conditions for diving or snorkeling.
The temperature of the Arabian sea is +26-28oC. This temperature provides tourists a pleasant swimming all year round. Very common boat trips and relaxing on the yacht.
All beach area in Goa belongs to the state, therefore, restrictions in visiting the beaches there. In this Indian state, not even the paid beaches, but also familiar to many tourists the beaches hotel. But this is where you can enjoy the true natural beauty of nature, because in Goa very often deserted beaches. It is in these places the sea water is clean.
In accordance with the Indian laws in the coastal zones it is prohibited the construction. Therefore, to settle near the coast becomes impossible, these are tour operators that offer travelers villas and hotels with pools and sea views much more than with city view or garden view.