Is it difficult to live effortlessly? Someone will say that such a possibility exists only for rich people – and be wrong. To live effortlessly is just different way to treat themselves and the world, not how it makes the vast majority of people. The ease and carelessness of life is primarily associated with human consciousness, with the ability to define your values in life.

Change yourself and change the world surrounding you

There are lots of very authoritative teachings, claiming that consciousness determines being. For example, a man complains about his poverty, can not afford anything. But he's not poor because he had no good paying job, but because he considers himself poor. In this case, the level of thinking he constantly emphasizes its status as a poor person. For example, eating the cheapest food – "How can I afford something expensive, because I have so little money!" Never helps with money – "I would, but I live in poverty!"

The thought is material, it said, and said by many sages. Considering themselves poor, the man himself supports this – world just answers him in his thoughts and gives what man thinks. Not wants to, and it says the status quo. "I'm poor! I'm not happy! I have a lot of problems!" – calls people, and the world agrees with him – "Yes, you're poor, you're miserable, you have a lot of problems."

This understanding is one of the main keys to change your life. Not in vain the optimists life brighter, more interesting, richer pleasant events than the existence of pessimists. Change the view of ourselves and the world around us, stating your new status (even if it is not) – and everything will change!

Learn to live easily!

Remember the great schemer of Ostap Bender – he was not discouraged even in the most difficult situations. Why? Because Bender genuinely enjoyed life. And this points to the second key to interesting busy life – process more important than result!

The moment is incredibly important. For a Player with a capital letter – it is the primary process. When a professional player comes into the casino, he is not for money but for the pleasure he gets from the game. Winning becomes just a nice addition.

This principle should be applied in everyday life. Focus on results expunged from a person's life the moment that kills life itself. People all in the future – thinks about that when he's achieving something, achieve something get, then he will heal for real. But this is an illusion – in pursuit of the future life is passing him.

Learn to live in the moment, and everything changes. Plan for the future, but don't lose the moment. Live Here and Now, do not waste any moment and you will see how magical your life will become. It will come the ease of which you dreamed. You will stop torturing problems, because in the Here and Now, there is no problem – you will deal with them as they appear in the current moment.

Start to love the process of what you are doing. Try, for starters, just walk down the street, paying attention to current sensations. Don't analyze what he saw, heard just take everything in its entirety, an indivisible unit of information that does not require understanding. Let your mind relax – just be in the present moment, in the current sensation. And you will understand how this great.

To live in the present moment means living in the fullness. Having learned it, you will love life, and she will love you. Change your thinking, and therefore your reality. The world around you becomes very pleasant, harmonious, filled with lots of interesting events and possibilities. Any problems will be solved easily, effortlessly. And even if something does not work, you will not be give any importance. Because you will be important is the Game itself, enjoy the process and not the final result.