A healthy lifestyle and hardening are on the same level and closely intertwined – it's a great workout immune system.

What is useful hardening? The fact that it contributes to improved thermoregulation and response to changes in temperature. In addition, due to a sharp compression and expansion of blood vessels is a great workout cardiovascular system.

With children the same: tempered child is more adaptable to changes in air temperature, climate change, he is not afraid of hypothermia. Plus, the hardening contributes to mental and cognitive development.

To make this procedure quite easy, it takes 30 – 40 minutes a day, so even the busiest moms and dads can find time for such a useful class. Since the purpose of tempering is to maintain immunity, and conduct a procedure competently. Main thing is to follow the Golden mean: hardening should not be too weak, otherwise it will not bring any result, but should not be too strong (very cold water, a lengthy procedure) is guaranteed to cause a shock reaction in children. Therefore, it is advisable to gradually increase the effect of temperature on the body. So, you need to temper the whole body. For example, when hardening the feet and legs of the child increases resistance to respiratory infections. Ideally, the procedure should be carried out by dousing the feet daily, or at least, at least 4 times a week.

The child is not sick, eating ice cream and cold drinks, must be quenched and throat. For this you need to rinse it with cold water twice a day, starting with 25 degrees and reaching up to 8 degrees. If the child refuses to do it, you can prepare frozen juice or decoction of herbs and give him a few pieces of ice a day. Such procedures are worth doing on a regular basis, gradually increasing the load temperature, otherwise they will not lead to the desired result, and the child's immune system will not be strong enough.