Besides the obvious ability not to get sick during seasonal epidemics of influenza, tempered by children strengthens the nervous system. And this leads to increased stress, health, and ingenuity that is not excessive and pupils and pre-school (given the current load).

Unique summer time

Summer has one indisputable advantage - all procedures conducted in the open air. Actually, the hardening includes not only water treatment, but also air baths, sun bathing, active games and sports.

Fight fire with fire

Modern pediatricians suggest in the first place to start tempering with the weaknesses. For example, the child afraid of drafts. This does not mean that it is necessary to seal the room. On the contrary. Begin to gradually open when it vents. First, for three minutes, then ten and so on.

Your child the weak throat? Teach him to ice cream. Start with a teaspoon three times a day. Let the child warm my ice cream in your mouth, count to ten, then swallow. Gradually increase the portions. Such procedures like any kid.

Summer allows us a lot of walking. Take every walk in the fresh air as a unique hardening procedure. Walk every day, even in bad weather. Just dress in accordance with climatic conditions.

It is very important not to miss the swimming season. Even if you think the water is still cool, start small. First, soak your feet, then go to the waist, then you can bail out. And stay in the water will also gradually increase.

The same goes for sunbathing. In the summer the sun is very active, so taking it petting should be done with care, without changing the basic principle of hardening.