The easiest way to reach Settlement on an ordinary train. For this we need to sit at the Yaroslavl station of the Russian capital on one of the trains "Moscow — Fryazino". And, you can catch the train going to the Settlement at the station Losinoostrovskaya, which is a ten minute walk from the metro station "Babushkinskaya". The time spent on the road, will be 1 hours and 5 minutes.
There is another way to reach Ivanteevki — bus. From the metro station VDNKH depart daily every half-hour flight No. 316 "Moscow — Ivanteevka (the Neighborhood Children)". You can also go from the metro station Babushkinskaya on the bus on the route "Moscow — Ivanteevka-1". The journey time in both cases is approximately 45 minutes, excluding possible traffic jams.
Go to Ivanteevka. There are many options, and each has its own pros and cons. If you follow the first option, it is necessary to turn to Moscow at the Yaroslavl highway or the M8 and move all the time through Mytishchi. Near Queens town, you need to take the pointer to the Ivanteyevka. Under favorable road conditions and no major traffic jams to the destination can be reached almost 35 minutes. However, this is a little - no reconstruction did not save the Yaroslavl from problems with the eternal traffic jams.
The second option to reach the Settlement on the car is to drive through the Shchelkovo highway or highway 103 around Shchyolkovo and straight to reach the entrance to Ivanteevka. This way along its length about the same as in the first embodiment. But the traffic situation on the Shchelkovo highway is much worse than in Yaroslavl. This means that if time is short, it is necessary to use the first option and the second method is to leave at the time when the Yaroslavl highway heavy traffic due to an accident.