As we all know, on the surface of the skin are the so-called receptors of cold. The actions that the environment has on them can affect the health of the person. Hardening helps to get rid of arrhythmia, excess weight makes the skin tone better, improves heart and blood vessels. Before harden, it is necessary to remember some rules that will be described below.

The first thing you need to know that it is possible to harden only when the person is completely healthy. Colds, acute respiratory viral infections, various wounds on the body – all to cure before the start of the process. People with ocular pressure, hypertensive and hypotensive patients, people with heart disease – hardening them absolutely contraindicated. You should consult with a health care practitioner by a professional before you start.

Secondly you need to harden gradually, slowly. In any case can not abandon the work begun. We need to continue to harden under any conditions, even interfere with weather, place, time. No matter the procedures that will be carried out, the main thing is to go to your destination without stopping. Can sometimes appear cold, but do not consider it a barrier. The only thing that can hinder the process is the temperature rise.

Turning to the procedures, it should be noted that it is not necessary to practice dangerous routines for beginners. For example, swimming in the icy water and diving in ice – undesirable methods to harden. More suitable air baths, rubdown, pouring and douches. Air baths should be taken gradually. You should start with a temperature of 15-16 degrees, undressing, and doing exercises to keep warm. First you need to stand in air for about 3 minutes, eventually adding the dose.

At the end can be considered the easiest method of tempering – water. You should prepare water in a basin in the evening and start to throw parts of the body, after wiping them with a towel. Later, you can start pouring the entire body. When taking air baths, you can lower the temperature of the water every 10 days, at your discretion. After a year of such procedures and with enough willpower, you can achieve the intended result and enhance the immune system many times over.