So, how to stay awake after a heavy night out? There are several methods and recommendations:

  • You should not rely on an alarm clock and a small 10-minute or 15-minute sleep. Although it is believed that if a person will sleep for another 5-10 minutes, it is a little sleep and will be awake. But in fact it is not. Because of the peculiarities of the functioning of the brain, small sleep will not benefit, but rather only harm.

The fact is that upon awakening in the morning around the body secrete hormones, and the brain causes the body to combat readiness. When falling asleep, dopamine and other hormones cease to be produced, and the brain again prepares the individual to sleep, reducing the activity and attention. Upon awakening the brain again prepares one for the day, but the person still feels tired and a little irritated. So you should not rely on light sleep and carefully moving the Wake up time of 5-10 minutes.

  • The following false statement – that the Cup of strong coffee will cheer the person and give him energy for the whole day.

No, it is not. Due to the individual characteristics of the organism and wakeup time a man gets a huge energy boost if you drink in the morning on an empty stomach 1 or 2 cups of coffee. The perfect Cup of coffee to drink in 9-10 hours, the second after noon, and the third is already possible not to drink or go to green tea because the caffeine is hardly excreted from the body.

  • You have to ask yourself the right mental attitude. A sleepless night and not the best feeling – it's not a disaster, especially for a creature like man. The worst thing a person can do after a sleepless night – to ruin the mood with negative thoughts and give up.
  • Proper planning time. Yes, many people miss this aspect of my life, especially after a sleepless night, when they are tired.

But for anybody not a secret that after a heavy night people get tired of all the stronger over the day, and it's bad for his health. Therefore, important things should be doing in the morning, and then go to less important and closer to the evening or lunchtime to do a chore. This also includes ignoring distractions: phones, TV, Internet surfing and so on.

These tips should help any tired after a heavy nighttime a person feel at least a little cheerful. But do not take them as truth, because they are individual for everyone, and someone, some tips can help you better and others worse.