You will need
  • natural ground coffee;
  • green tea;
  • energy drinks;
  • - tincture of schisandra;
  • - tincture radiograms pink;
  • - tincture of ginseng;
  • - lemongrass;
  • - Pantocrinum;
  • - Siberian ginseng.
The tried and tested way is a natural Cup of strong coffee. To overcome sleep can help of freshly ground coffee is of good grade. Instant beverage helps to interrupt sleep, as it contains in its composition a very low dose of caffeine, and its strong flavor, only because he was severely burned.
Equally effective way is to do some physical exercise, Jogging, especially if sleepy while driving.
You can drink a glass of strong natural green tea without additives. It invigorates not less than coffee, and the sleepiness does not occur for much longer.
To overcome sleep will help alcohol tincture of schisandra, radiograms pink, pantokrina Golden root, maral root, Siberian ginseng. 20 drops of lemongrass will help to overcome not only sleep, but also improve visual acuity, mood, give strength and vigor. The constant reception of one of the tinctures in 30 days will help to raise productivity, immunity, improve the General condition.
If possible, take a contrast shower. First, turn on the water 50 degrees, then cold for a few seconds. All the organs will come in tone, the dream will pass. If there is no possibility to take a shower, wash your face with cold water.
Always cheerful to feel and not want to sleep at the wrong time, respect the day, eat properly, exercise, walk 3 times a week to the gym. Before a long trip or before a night duty good night's sleep, put everything on then. Constant lack of sleep negatively affects health regardless of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and invigorating drugs.
In the evening, once it gets dark, melatonin is produced – the hormone responsible for quality sleep. Precisely in its formulation want to sleep. To reduce this hormone can help of cigarettes, coffee, energetic movement. So if you really want to fight sleep, try these tools.
Non-alcoholic energy drinks also help with the drowsiness for a while, so in an emergency you can drink one or two cans.
All toning means is contraindicated to children, pregnant women, patients with hypertension, heart failure.