Grab a Cup of coffee or brew a tea with lemon. These drinks do an excellent job with the dreamwith him getting. The only "but" - the funds should not be abused.Experts recommend the use of coffee otherwise. Add a Cup of instant coffee in a glass of Coca-Cola, stir and drink in one gulp. A dream as a hand will remove.
Nastoychivee alcohol tincture of Siberian ginseng or ginseng. Eleutherocok and ginseng also have "antisleeption" effect. A few drops (usually 15-20) means dissolved in water, will help cheer up.
Vitaminevreter a couple of drops of ascorbic acid. The good effect of relieving the sleepof livoti give higher doses of vitamin C. that is why lemon tea invigorates more effective than just tea.
Aromatherapeutic aromakuritelnitsy (aroma lamp), adding essential oil of lemon, anise, orange, grapefruit, Jasmine. All these essential oils help to drive away sleep, him getting. If you have a split system with the function of fragrance – add oil into it.
Day sleepTry to carve out half an hour to take a NAP in the afternoon between 12 and 14 hours. Daytime sleep will help to restore forces and to remain longer in the legs, if necessary.
Osvesheniem you need to finish the project to pass the course, learn a couple of books, and for everything there is only one night to deal with sleep will help the light. Include the full overhead lighting in the room where you work. Bright light will signal the brain that the time for sleep has not yet come.
Physical uprajneniyami from the sleepof livoti with charging. A couple of squats, some swings hands, three or four of the attack – and you are once again ready to labour feats. A great addition to charging will be a douche. After it, you feel ready to be awake for at least another day. but at the same time train the blood vessels.Contrast showers always start with warm water. Alternate warm (38-39 degrees) shower with cold (18-20 degrees) 4-6 times. Be sure to finish with cold water.