After a sleepless night in front of the monitor or dancing in the club, usually the whole next day, feeling overwhelmed at all the following day. But at the beginning of the day experiencing a state of euphoria.
American scientists from Harvard University conducted a series of studies of human behavior after a sleepless night. It turned out that people who are not sleeping at night, exposed to the sense of euphoria, which could lead to overestimation of your own abilities in dangerous situations and careless behavior.
As stated by doctors from overseas, the neural pathways in the brain responsible for this reaction, completely baffled many and do not contribute to the adoption of reasonable decisions.
During the night a normal person going through two phases of sleep: slow and fast. During REM sleep we are dreaming, muscles tense. During the slow body rests and relaxes. Violation, or the absence of these phases leads to the activation of the mesolimbic region, which is responsible for dopamine - one of the hormones of happiness. In this situation people instead of making logical decisions experienced with nothing incomparable joy.