The first thing after a sleepless night ventilate the room in which you are and get to the gym. A small exercise will bring the body fit and lift your mood. Also do some breathing exercises, they will contribute to the awakening, to help relieve fatigue.

The next station will be a shower, preferably contrasting. The change of hot and cold water will help get rid of the annoying sleepiness. Great to cheer up after a hard night pouring cold water. This effective treatment will relieve fatigue and increase vitality.

After bathing carefully wipe your body with a towel, it will cause additional blood flow to the skin, and thus improve appearance.

Wipe face with a piece of ice, cold, refresh the skin, removes signs of fatigue and she will Shine blush. Apply on face mask, for example, ground oatmeal, hold the skin for 10 minutes, rinse, then apply a nourishing cream. Don't forget the eyelids, the swelling will take a strong decoction of parsley, moisten it on a cotton pad and place on eyelids and keep for 5-10 minutes.

Massage the ears, strongly RUB the ear, pull ear lobes. On the ears there are many biologically active points, connecting them with other bodies. This massage will provide additional stimulation for the body, and it does not hurt after a sleepless night.

Don't forget the makeup, a drop of Foundation with light reflecting particles, a little bit of powder with effect of sunburn, and dark circles under the eyes will hide the Adjuster. Curl your lashes, touch up mascara, apply a little gloss on the lips.

Do not ignore Breakfast, after a sleepless night the body is doubly necessary energy. Eat oatmeal with a spoon of honey, drink a glass of green tea. It is useful to eat a slice of lemon, there is even an opinion that after a sleepless night need to eat the whole lemon. This, somewhat extreme way, there's an explanation in the lemon contains vitamin C, which has beneficial effects on the skin and the whole body.

Follow these simple tips and stay in shape. And most importantly try to keep the sleepless nights to a minimum, without them you're sure to look your best.