Wait for the change of biorhythms. Despite the fact that you haven't slept all night, your body continues to operate in accordance with the biorhythms. At 8 am after a sleepless night you will really want to sleep, but after a couple of hours you will be easier in the afternoon on again you inflated a wave of fatigue, and in the evening you will feel quite cheerful.
The best way to return the vitality to sleep. But not a full 8 hours, but only 15-20 minutes, during this time, the brain has time to recover, and you will feel much better. The main thing is not to sleep too long, if short sleep will last more than 40 minutes, you will Wake up even more broken.
Cheer up any stimulating drink. This is usually a drink based on caffeine. Of course, the first place among them is coffee, aromatic Cup of which will give you energy for several hours. You can drink coffee all day, but this coffee marathon is bad for your health in the future. Stopping coffee can cause drowsiness will increase several times, because the stage of excitation of the nervous system always follows the stage of oppression.
People have adapted to staying awake during daylight hours, if the cloudy autumn day, you will feel sleepy even if you slept well, and bright light will Wake you up.
Movement also helps you feel fitter, try after a sleepless night to come to work on foot at a fast pace.
The easier will be the work you'll be doing after a sleepless night, the better. Hard work to depress the nervous system, the brain will not be able to cope with the information. Try to do this day the work that brain does not require special efforts, on the contrary, let it be sessions related to physical activity.
In the morning, take a shower, preferably contrasting, it energizes the body.