The development plan of the Department must be given the General development plan of the company. Study and analyze the and analyze the work of your unit, make a clear idea about the available labor and material resources, equipment and computer technology.
Define the terms of the plan. If this development plan, the period it will clearly exceed that year. The optimal period will be 3 years and maximum 5 years. Describe the tasks your Department will specify the deadlines for each task. Think of ways and solutions that are needed to implement these before the division of tasks and estimate whether you have enough available labor and material resources to perform the assigned tasks in a timely manner.
If the personnel Department can not provide the performance dates, but not always, this problem can be solved by the recruitment of additional staff. Since we are talking about the development, provide in your plan the training of employees, training and refresher courses. Increasing the professionalism of the Department should be a mandatory part of the development plan.
Consider how to develop and implement a system of business regulations that allows an objective assessment of the activities of the entire Department and for each employee. Examine the principles of international quality management system, which has already been introduced in many Russian enterprises. Include in the plan certification staff.
The development plan of the division provide the modernization of existing and installation of new equipment, computers. Think about what software you need to install. Maybe it makes sense to include in the plan of implementation of the automated accounting system or information systems, the use of which will improve the productivity and quality of work of the division.
Shall describe the implementation of the plan by months or quarters. Set milestones and deadlines for their implementation. Assign performers and responsible, who will monitor the implementation of the step plan and get to the target.