The crux of the matter

Under a full working day means a work for all time, which is regulated in the individual employment contract or collective agreement concluded with the employer. It is the most popular form of employment of the working population, as statistically people with full employment receive much more than if I was busy using other forms (part-time, flexible schedule, work part-time, etc.).

The letter of the law

According to the Labor code of the Russian Federation, the duration of the labour of the working week is 40 hours. Traditionally it is divided into 5 days of 8 hours each, however it is practiced everywhere. Each day it should be time for lunch, which is at least 1 hour (and possibly more but it depends on what geographical area your business is located and what it conditions). A full day could reach 10 or 12 hours, then the number of such days will be reduced. Otherwise, the employer is obliged by the same code to set the fee for overtime.

If the employee is not surcharge for overtime, then he can complain about it to your employer. If the employee would not be heard by his guide, he must apply to the labor Inspectorate, which is obliged to monitor all cases of violations of labour legislation. Will be tested, after which labour inspector will issue an order to the leadership of the organization to eliminate violations within a specified period of time. If the violation continues, on the right to propose huge fines to the leadership.

Employment full time

Although it is the most common form of employment not only in Russia but in the world, a job seeker one must understand that it requires discipline and labor regulations, adopted by the organization, where he gets. If the person is not willing to work 8 hours a day (maybe more) with 1 hour for lunch, then he should look for work in another company or try to negotiate with the employer other conditions of his working day.

Labour legislation of the Russian Federation rather strictly relates to compliance with regulations in 40 hours a week, however these hours will be distributed within the week - it is a question of personnel policy of the enterprise. Therefore, job-seeker person has a real chance to get into the organization, which is able to provide him with a convenient schedule.