Take the medication only in cases where their use is justified (in the treatment of colds apply it is not necessary, but if you have a complication - pneumonia, otitis media, in this situation you need).

Carefully follow the doctor's orders for use of antibiotics (i.e. to give the child the dosage during the recommended time period).

To ensure that the child has not taken any antibiotics, which remained after the previous treatment.

Compliance with the duration of treatment, as if interrupted, the disease can become chronic form, and will have to find another drug - and stronger.

After a course of antibiotics it is advisable to drink a drug to restore intestinal flora, as the child may develop a goiter, which is formed due to the destruction of drug is not only harmful flora, but also beneficial microorganisms. And so the baby may feel some discomfort in the area of the digestive tract.

Also watch the reaction of the child because of possible allergic reaction to take medication. If there are various redness, the child has itchy skin, tell your doctor and give an antihistamine. Don't let yourself child anti-microbial agents, as any drug affects the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. So take the medicine only as directed a doctor. This will help to prevent many unpleasant consequences.