Why antibiotics are useless for influenza

The fact that antibiotics act only on bacteria – single-celled organisms which provoke inflammation. The flu are caused by viruses – Autonomous genetic elements that represent a mixture of nucleic acids. During infection they enter and begin to reproduce inside living cells. The nature of bacteria and different viruses, so antibiotics will not cause viruses, no harm. In this case, the patient should take antiviral medications such as aflubin, Anaferon, rimantadine, detrimental effect on most influenza viruses. But to prescribe treatment and medications should only be a specialist.

Why doctors prescribe antibiotics for the flu

Sometimes the doctor may prescribe antibiotics for patients with flu or colds, but he does it in the case when the body is weakened by the action of viral infection, as a complication begins to act and infection caused by bacteria. About such complications of the flu, like strep throat, pneumonia, laryngotracheitis and acute bronchitis probably heard everything. These infections are bacterial in nature. To prevent further development of bacterial infections, the doctor checks out a patient with flu antibiotics, but this usually occurs in more severe disease States.

What antibiotics can give a doctor the flu

Remember that self-prescribe yourself antibiotics is very dangerous, it can only be done by a doctor watching you when you are sick with the flu. Not all modern antibiotics are effective in the treatment poligraphovich complications, usually in those cases, use: Amoxiclav, Cefotaxime, amoxil, azithromycin, penicillin, ampiox, etc. As with all antibiotics, take them on track at least 5-7 days, the usual dosage is 1 tablet after a meal taken 1-2 times a day. To keep intestinal flora, along with antibacterial drugs prescribed and a course of probiotics.

Children antibiotics administered in the form of syrups on the basis of preparations of Inspiron, Augmentin, etc. ospamox Syrup, as tablets should be taken the course, but in the case of low efficiency, it should change to another containing antibiotics parallel groups. Of course, doing it all should be under medical supervision, strictly adhering to the prescribed dosage.