Antibiotics, like any drug, have contraindications. Furthermore, the drugs are harmful to the intestinal flora. So use them only as directed by your doctor, strictly following his recommendations.
How often to take antibiotics? The answer to this question depends on many factors: the type of antibiotic, the nature and severity of the disease, General health status, other medications, etc. the Frequency of the reception set by your doctor.
In order for antimicrobial activity was expressed as efficiently as possible, it is necessary that during the entire treatment period in the body is maintained a sufficient concentration of the drug. Take the antibiotics as many times per day as indicated by the attending physician. Or, if for some reason you are taking it without a doctor's prescription – as stated in the abstract.
Try to take a antibiotic (pill or injection) with such frequency, that between the receptions took place the same number of hours. For example, if you specify to take the drug twice a day at 8: 00 and from 20: 00 or at 9: 00 and 21-00. This is very important. Of course, you can take a pill or a shot with little deviation from the schedule (within, say, 15-20 minutes), but it is better to be accurate. Otherwise, the concentration of antibiotic in the body may fall to a level below the acceptable value.
Do not repeat the typical mistake many patients are treated not in hospital and at home. With a marked improvement of health, they start to take the antibiotics less often or even stop taking: why the extra pills or injections, because it clearly was on the mend. A result of an infection, not fully suppressed by the antibiotic, may again spread throughout the body. Remember: do not self medicate. Reduce the duration of antibiotic treatment only on doctor's advice.
If you are prescribed antibiotics and you are already taking other drugs, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Maybe some drugs will have to temporarily opt out or post the schedule of their admission that they do not combine with antibiotics.