Before giving the newborn child medication, carefully read and review the instructions for use. If you are in doubt about taking a medication, consult your pediatrician, who stand on the account.
Often only the cunning can make a newborn to drink the medicine. Give it to the child casually, as if you hadn't come, that he may refuse to accept it, smile, and talk with him as a newborn often looks at the facial expressions of the people around him. But basically most of children automatically open my mouth when approaching the spoon and give the child the medication is easy.
Strictly follow the rules of the medication. They should give the child to divorced and crushed form. Basically, they give at a certain time of day: before, during and after a meal. In that case, if the doctor prescribed your babyto have only part of pills, use a sharp knife and accurately measure the dose of prescribed medications. Dilute pills breast milk or warm boiled water.
If you prefer to give the medicine (syrups, tinctures, infused herbs) from a special syringe, ensure that the newborn baby is drowned. To do this, place the tip of the syringe in the corner of his mouth and gently direct it to the inner side of the cheeks. Then slowly press the plunger to the baby time gradually to swallow.
If you prefer to give medicine to a child using the spoon, place it on the edge of the lower lip of the baby and slowly tilt to the medicine gradually flowed into the mouth of a child. Buy in pharmacies of the special nipples that can be filled with medication, they are ideal for kids and especially for those who loves to suck a pacifier. These nipples allow both to heal and to calm the baby.