Despite the fact that coughing can be very painful and long, not always require the appointment of an antibiotic. However, modern doctors prescribe such a strong drug regularly. Studies proved that prescription of an antibiotic when coughing should be a very good reason.

Rules to be followed, prescribing an antibiotic for cough

First and foremost, you need to follow the following rule - the appointment of an antibiotic must be justified. This is due to the fact that the full name of the antibiotic treatment stands for antibiotic therapy. This means that antibiotics are only effective if the causative agent is bacteria. Accordingly, to take them is necessary only in cases where the patient is:
bacterial bronchitis;
- bacterial pneumonia;
bacterial bronchopneumonia;
bacterial tracheitis.
Confirm this diagnosis eye is almost impossible. To accurately determine the cause usually requires additional studies, such as x-rays or smears from the oral cavity.

It should be understood that if the disease that causes cough, a virus, the use of antibiotics will not. It is also worth considering the fact that there are diseases, characterized by including a cough, but not having to light nothing - heart diseases, various intoxications, etc.

Another rule of thumb is that the antibiotic must be matched correctly. Today there are many drugs that affect certain agents working in different parts of the lungs, etc. in addition, a person is usually hypersensitivity to certain groups of drugs and completely insensitive to others. Naturally, in the first case the drug will work effectively, while in the second won't work at all. So before you start taking an antibiotic, it is advisable to test for sensitivity to the drug.
If the disease is clearly bacterial in nature, and doctor and the opportunity to take the test, you can begin receiving broad-spectrum antibiotic.

And, of course, must take the antibiotic according to certain rules. It is usually prescribed for a week. But it often happens that a person begins to drink the medication on the third day it becomes easier, and he decides to stop treatment. So absolutely can not do - or in the case with adults, especially with children. This is due to the fact that the drug accumulates in blood the necessary concentration for successful fight against bacteria. If the course is interrupted, the treatment is not completed, the germs and bacteria will be not fully destroyed. This means that the sensitivity to this drug, the patient will be reduced, and the next time he is not going to help.

What antibiotics are usually prescribed

The confessions of experts, the most effective antibacterial drugs for coughs are the antibiotics of group of penicillin. As a rule, in most cases, prescribed Augmentin. This drug is one of the most secure and suitable even for treatment of children.

Another popular drug is Amoxiclav. It is also widely and frequently used to treat both adults and children. Demand and success, due to its relatively high therapeutic properties.

Regarding the form of release of the drug, it can be of several types. Adults usually release a tablet, drink which must be strictly according to instructions. Children are usually prescribed suspension. It has a nice sweet flavor and is accepted by the child much better, than if you crush the pill and mix it with water.

What you should consider taking an antibiotic

Taking an antibiotic must take into account that you must drink with him the drugs that help restore gut flora, the antibiotics greatly affects her.