Unavailable men are defined by several criteria:

1. Mostly married or those who have relationships. For example, it is not seldom that among the huge number of men a woman chooses a busy man.

2. In the background are men whose first place of importance is the mother. One can often hear that loving mother, the boys also will treat his wife. However, if there are relations in the pair, and the first place is still a mother, you need to get away from this man without hesitation.

3. There are partners at a "distance". It refers to those men who are always with you. And it's not necessarily physically, that is, when he is constantly doing something, and his feelings and thoughts here.

So why do girls choose it "these"? There is many reasons: lack of self-esteem, self-criticism or all kinds of installation (such as: "all guys are the same", "better something than nothing"). Possible parental influence. For example, when a family she was not given sufficient influence, and she's looking for the same relationship in marriage. Not a rare case of copying behavior, when the girl's mother was married to unavailable men. On a subconscious level, the daughter begins to do the same.

There are cases of fear of intimacy. Who have previously been unsuccessful relationship and eventually a broken heart. In such cases, girls are not looking for a permanent partner, and vegetable garden from them. Affect relationship the girl's parents. Cases where ancestors had not provided the required care, on the emotional plane. Maybe my folks were busy at work or the child was uninvited "guest", there are many options.

The outcome of such education, the girl will seek the warmth that she was not allowed in childhood. Psychologists say that we are looking for a partner for its internal similarity. Therefore it is necessary to communicate only with people that you like. To find something that will strengthen your inner peace and harmony. Harmony is the balance between respect for themselves and others.

There are a lot of reasons for such relations, when women stop choosing men that are unavailable.