Reasons for selecting men married women

In General, the reasons are many and they are all different. Probably, the main reason is the absence of any obligations to a married woman.
If a woman is married, she won't be require from your lover, since in addition to sex, in fact she didn't need anything.

Another reason that married or single men choose a married woman, is the desire to surpass his mistress's husband, thus once again proving its leadership.

When meeting with a married woman, she does not need to buy expensive gifts, and thus, it does not need to spend a lot of money, so she can bring home.

Unlike the free woman, much less married, and it means that she will not bother with phone calls, SMS with questions about regular meetings.

As a rule, married women are not as demanding, less accommodating and available.
It is the unavailability always been attracted to men in women. They are interested in the process of conquering the women's consent.

Men are attracted to what a married woman does not create such problems (for example, "marry"), as a free woman. It is more cleanly, and therefore, there is a guarantee that it will not become infected with any sexually transmitted infection.

Women are not free to men is extreme because of the need to be able not to catch the eye of friends.

Men love affection of married women and their care. They know how to cook, wash and do other household chores. They always take care of her man.

A married woman is much easier, you can leave, without any tantrums in response, she just is useless. In addition, they are more independent, unlike women.

What end such novels?

Of all the cases, only 1% of such passionate relationships end in marriage, and the other 99% did not develop into a serious relationship. As the saying goes, love is not one person not insured. Known cases when ordinary relations of men with married women grew into a whirlwind romance that brings a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. And end such novels often marriage. But love intrudes into that relationship, not so much. Typically, such relations of men with married women are the only outlet that allows to forget about all problems and plunge into the whirlwind of passions. As a rule, very often such passion quickly subside and the relationship ends normal decay.