The types of men and their attitude to the initiative of the women

Male–sanguine characterized by the rapid change of mood, energetic. And it is inherent in frequent changes. To such a man, in principle, you can go first, if you catch a favourable moment.

Male–very impulsive hot-headed and often rushes from one extreme to another. This type of men least likely responds positively to women's initiative.
Man is certainly the hunter and choleric more all other types are conquerors.

Man–phlegmatic is the most suitable instance to take the initiative. It is extremely slow, and it concerns the development of relations. That is why you it is better to take the first step, if you don't want to miss your chance.

The male melancholic is a very complex type. I don't understand that at the moment he feels and what is the approach for him to choose.

Women and men have completely different perceptions of the initiative. For men, this action in the first instance, a proposal to have a fun time without a long-term relationship. Women often go for it, pursuing his old goal - marriage. In the West, such a display is normal, the mentality of the men in Russia differs significantly.
The ideals laid in early childhood Russian fairy tales, which grew more than one generation, instilled in the men the confidence that the right relationship should start man it.

Mistakes should not commit

Don't need too much to lean on a man, especially if he is older than you. Your assertiveness simply scare. Mask the initiative, push it through our actions so that he thought it was his decision.

The man is a conqueror by nature. It can be quite long to write hot letters to social networks, different forums and send SMS and go back down after getting an offer to go on a date. So don't be too hurry with his initiative.

Do not take the initiative in the everyday things and big ideas. The man must think that it all comes from him.

The initiative of women is important, if the relationship has already flowed from the stage of "just Dating" into something more. Then it can be sometimes even more interesting. Try to change places in performing small household chores, it will bring variety. More men encouraged the initiative of women in intimate relationships, especially if the relationship lasted quite a long time. This initiative men will accept enthusiastically.

We need to allow men to exercise their hunting instincts, so as to quickly catch prey just as quickly bored. But the conquered is the most delicious. Most importantly, to find a middle ground and decide when to surrender to the hunter not lost his energy and excitement.