If this situation happened, just accept it. To blame here, absolutely nobody. Think about it, your men are absolutely not to blame, and you, too. It's all heart, which, as is known, the order can not be.
The ideal option would be, of course, to suspend relations - and those and others. In the future this will save you from useless agony of conscience and of remorse for the fact that you cheated.
Psychologists in these situations argue that the period of a week should be enough for you to be able to decide who is more right, after weighing all the pros and cons. The main condition – during this week you must not meet with any man calls, texts or any other form of communication is also prohibited.
If you do not have an analytical mind and you find it hard to keep in mind all the nuances come to the aid of a sheet of paper. Divide it into two parts and write to the dignity of first one and then the other men. The same operation repeat deficiencies. You'll see - it will be easier to make a final choice.
Psychologists say that a man can best be read while traveling with him. So, alternatively, we propose the following: you spend a weekend in raids with his men, in turn, of course. This should help you to make your choice.
Although such cases do not help neither the psychologists nor the fortune-teller. Every woman herself should make the final decision. If you have experienced this situation, and you don't know how to make the choice between the two men, think. If each of them has something that makes you go to another, then, most likely, none of them you just do not need. He just can't give you all that is necessary. When you meet really the man, you never come to choose between him and someone else.
So if you are all serious and you're risky by nature, continue the relationship in the same spirit, no choosing. Sooner or later life itself will put everything in place.