Why men like skinny girls

It should be noted that the negative to complete the girls are usually very young guys. But the older a man becomes, the more he begins to pay attention to ladies with round or even curvaceous. However, we must distinguish too fat girls may be difficult to see the waist under the layers of fat, from overweight, with a strong feminine figure.

Young guys often prefer slender as a girl with that body type they subconsciously think it's still completely immature, not ready to procreate. Guys are often afraid it is fear before have offspring. Adult males, in contrast, are in search of ladies that would be able to continue his race. So they are looking at mainly women with rounded shapes.

Another reason why guys like thin, desire to be in the role of protector. The man is a true hero and a knight, when he is next to a skinny and petite girl. Moreover, boys - especially romantic - I want to preserve, to protect the woman, to carry her in his arms. Small and fragile girls evoke in men the desire to hug them and protect. And, of course, the guy hard to feel a hero when with him is a woman who is taller and bigger than him.

Also men like skinny girls if they are searching for the Muse, inspiring different things. Petite women plastic, flexible, like the French, they are delicate and light, like moths. Full of ladies is much more difficult.

Of course, not all of "donuts" seem heavy and clumsy. Flexibility and ductility can be developed, but not all full of girls aspire to it. A man wants to see in his woman, fairy, Muse, embodying everything beautiful and perfect. Body type petite girls like the figure of fairy-tale characters: fairies, princesses, who since childhood laid in the minds of the boys. And it's worth noting that the appearance of these characters has a great influence on subconscious preferences of many men.

Do I need to lose weight to please men?

But in reality, men have different tastes. Do not think that full girls nobody likes. First of all, guys are attracted to femininity. To draw the attention of members of the opposite sex, you need to learn how to present themselves.

If the woman tastefully dressed, to hide defects and emphasizing the dignity of its shape, looks well-groomed and neat, interesting in communication, sociable and kind, she has a much better chance to meet his love.

It is worth considering that there aren't many men who find attractive women too skinny. Flat figure and anorexically often alienate men. Men often like fit, shapely girls, but not with degenerative figure.